Java on the Cloud in 5 minutes

Getting started with Java apps on the cloud just got “super easy”. It takes 5 minutes. Check it out at

“So easy even a Ruby Developer can do it”

Heroku for Java Developers

Back when I started doing active web development with Java using Struts, Spring, Spring MVC, i had to :

  • Create a Eclipse project
  • Declare my dependencies (Spring templates when available)
  • Create a local database
  • Build my persistence logic using JPA/Hibernate
  • Build and Test locally

All this and yet not runing on the cloud. If I wanted to share my app with a colleague, I really cannot unless I send them a Zip file of my project or give them my IP address.

Not an easy task !!! Now with the new and improved page on Heroku for Java developers, I can get a Spring MVC template app created and deployed to the cloud and available all in 5 minutes.

Now you can share your app with your colleagues, friends or bosses and focus on what you do best, “building the next big cloud service”.

Heroku also provides 4 getting started templates which covers most “customer engagement” applications that you will be build. It has templates for:

  • Spring MVC-Hibernate on Tomcat
  • Basic Hello World with Embedded Jetty
  • Play! app  (if you want to stay ahead of the next big thing in Java you should check out Play!)
  • RESTful API using JAX-RS and Jersey


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